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NEW: ExQM is launched to start as a new PhD school on quantum physics with some 10 openings of PhD positions on June 1st 2014. So apply now. Later applications will also be considered until all positions are filled. (Details under "how to apply".)

is an international and interdisciplinary PhD programme of excellence based in Munich and jointly held by some 12 quantum physics research groups at the TU Munich (lead), the LMU Munich, the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics (MPQ), the Walther-Meissner Institute (WMI) of Low-temperature Research, and the Walter-Schottky Institute (WSI) for Quantum Electronics.
We will systematically exploit new media: with the help of Virtual University at LMU, an E-Library of Excellence in Quantum Physics will be set up with partners all over the world, in particular with the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna and Innsbruck, ETH Zurich and QSIT, ICFO Barcelona, Harvard, Stanford, the Werner group in Hannover.

It addresses students in physics, computer science, mathematics, and chemistry.                        

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For an overview,  e.g., follow the movie recording of  the 2013 Körber-Prize Lecture page by ExQM PI Immanuel Bloch (MPQ).

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The last events under QCCC:

QCCC organised the 5th ENB Forum on "Big Data and Responsability".
The QCCC Closing Symposium and Workshop took place in Oct 2013.

ExQM is in close contact with related PhD programmes and partners, e.g., at

The programme is part of the Elite Network of Bavaria. For the full initiative see the ENB website.
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